Monday, August 11, 2008

Viral Marketing Techniques

To make a site popular you should make it user friendly. This is the most basic concept of SEO (usually neglected by the webmasters) . Everybody wants to see the graph of their business moving towards North, and they forget or even overlook the user's(visitors) point of concern. To make money online you need to think from the perspective of the user, after that dare to think about earning from website. People are busy trying to sell products or show what they have , but never think about the user. What the visitor is looking for and the Result low ROI. and the site owners keep guessing what wrong they have done ? Why their traffic is not increasing? Why after investing so much money on design and ads they are unable to pull the traffic to their sites, while a site with average look and feel is generating so much traffic and a higher pagerank.

The only answer to all your questions is --- Presentation .
The presentation of your site might be like you are just trying to sell something, rather than you want to help the visitor. and at this very point you loose all your credibility, the moment your visitor thinks that you are just trying to create your sale -- " U LOOSE EVERYTHING".
So, now you must be thinking what you should do to save your online business.

The only thing you should do is Educate the Visitor about your products.
May be then The visitoR may not buy as he may feel its not what he is looking for. But, by doing this you are earning the trust of your visitor, there can't be anything better to increase your business. and by winning the trust you have created a source of marketing that to free of cost, this is called Viral Marketing. Now that user can send you thousands of clicks or sales, just because you saved his hard earned money and now he trusts you. and will recommend all his friends your name to everybody he comes across with, looking for an item you are selling .
Thus that single visitor is creating sales for you even he didn't bought something from you directly.
This is the biggest benefit of Viral Marketing, and if you want an example of a business which has grown beyond your imagination just because of Viral Marketing is ------ "GOOGLE".

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